Christian worship, by and large, is a great sail ship which we men have been steering in the wrong direction. The ship must be turned around, but there is only One strong and wise enough to lead us. The Father is the Navigator, Christ is the Captain at the helm, the Holy Spirit is the Wind in the sails, and we are presented with a choice. We can either jump-ship or row-ship (worship).

Coincidentally, as I was browsing Google Images for a ship, I happened upon an essay, "The Under Rowers," by physicist-turned-Bible-teacher Lambert Dolphin. In it he remarks on Luke's use of the Greek word huperetes, ministers, to open his Gospel. Here is an excerpt:

Huperetes (from hupo, under, and eretes, a rower) came to mean any subordinate acting under another's direction. But the literal meaning of the word is quite instructive. I could not help but feel that a whole new generation of Christians needs to be fully informed of our calling to be under rowers in the service of our Captain Jesus.

We urge you to join us as together we let go of the wheel and head down below the deck and take up our oars.

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