Last week we pondered the question of what kind of offering or sacrifice God accepts. I am persuaded that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was, is, and forever will be the only pleasing offering presented to God. What this means for us and our worship should be very encouraging to us, for the demand of the law has been lifted off of us and fulfilled in Christ. Understanding this truth should dramatically alter the way we worship.

We have heard of Christ as our Mediator, or Intercessor, but have we ever understood Christ's mediation as directly affecting our worship? My guess is that most of us have viewed Christ's mediation in terms of justification only; meaning, because of Christ's life, death, and resurrection, we sinners are saved from the wrath of God and stand justified before God. This is Christ's atoning sacrifice for us. But the work of the cross does not end there, for whoever God justifies he also sanctifies. In other words, He will finish what he started in each of us. Through the mediation of Christ our offering is perfected.

Another way to put it is when God justifies a man, He sanctifies that man's worship. If a man is not justified, his worship is not sanctified. Whatever we offer to God before we are justified is not accepted. So when Paul in Romans 12 talks about offering our bodies as a living sacrifice, a good, acceptable, and perfect offering to God, it is to be understood that Christ receives our tainted sacrifice, sanctifies it, and presents it to the Father. Additionally, we cannot attain justification, or God's approval, by our offering. A man must first be justified by God before his offering is accepted.

So we see Christ's mediation working for us in two ways: First, a man stands before God justified through Christ, and second, the offering of a man is accepted by God after it is sanctified through Christ.

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