I am in a season of life that is busier than ever there was one before. I thought (or hoped) that finishing school would reacquaint me to the stress-less life of freedom I previously experienced twenty-four years ago, before I started school. Nope. The day after I graduated, our first little one was born, introducing us to an entirely new means of time consumption. Additionally, I work more hours per week and have accumulated more vocational responsibilities than formerly assigned. Then there's home maintenance, financial budgeting, grocery shopping, car problems, emails, a little TV, more car problems, and bit of blogging, all of this pushing out time for spiritual and physical discipline and family cultivation. But in all of this craziness I am getting twenty minute snippets of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, as I ride the bus to work.

Through one particular chapter of this book the Holy Spirit is convicting me to the core, as Pete Scazzero addresses the perpetual forward motion in my life. The chapter is titled, "Discover the Rhythms of the Daily Office and Sabbath: Stopping to Breathe the Air of Eternity." God is exposing my utter disobedience to his command for me to rest. And it's true. Every moment of every day I'm moving, moving, moving. Even when I sleep it seems like I'm only doing it to get quickly charged up in order to keep going, and going, and going, just like you know who. I'm beginning to put the pieces together, now, as to why I have constantly been tired and artificially motivated for the past four months. I haven't been stopping. What Scazzero suggests is that I establish a stop-and-go rhythm in my daily life.

Throughout history, from Bible times to now, the people of God have taken regular breaks. Key figures, such as King David, Jesus, St. Benedict, and Martin Luther, would stop what they were doing multiple times daily to seek God. Christians around the world have taken to the Daily Office, which is composed of such elements as stopping, centering, silence, and Scripture. The Jewish Sabbath, instituted and commanded by God, allowed for God's people to rest weekly, and the Law also provided for more extended seasons of sabbatical. Why? Because they needed it, the earth needed it, God wanted it, we still need it, and God still wants it. Sabbath encourages us to stop, rest, delight, and contemplate.

So, why am I "still going"? Because I don't think I have time to stop. The absurdity in this is astounding. It is sheer disobedience on my part, causing more stress, task incompletion, frustration, and anxiety than if I would just flow with God's wonderful design.

All this to say, in order to worship God, we must stop what we are doing and focus on what He is doing. What happens when you snap a photo while you're moving? The image is distorted. In the same way we must be still in order to see God clearly.

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