It may seem Godly and sacrificial, but don't be fooled. The view Oprah has is that poor, unfortunate people with very little "stuff" deserve a better and happier life. The assumption is that people are naturally good, and goodness merits happiness by means of more stuff. Poverty, or not having lots of stuff, is simply a result of misfortune, being born into the wrong kind of family, or just not having the resources to overcome financial hardship. The problem with this mentality is many-fold, but here are three:

1. Poor, unfortunate people don't deserve a better life. All people, both poor and rich, deserve much worse, death. There is none good. Only Christ is good, and we inherit his righteousness through His death.

2. Getting more stuff doesn't make people happier. In most cases, in fact, it makes people more miserable. I wonder how miserable Oprah really is. For one thing, her riches have led her far from Jesus Christ. Only the treasure of Christ's body and blood can take away our misery and bring lasting joy.

3. Oprah gives for the sake of her own glory. To Oprah, god is self, so doing things to exalt the self are most spiritually beneficial. It's like giving back to Christ for the sake of one's own financial increase, rather than for the work of His Kingdom. There is nothing sacrificial about it, just self-gain.

Oprah believes that God cannot and must not be believed in, but felt. To hear it from her own lips click here (Disclaimer: Watch the video for the Oprah content, not the agenda of the video maker). Recap: god is self, self is good, goodness deserves stuff (hence the "Big Give"), stuff brings happiness, happiness is a feeling, feelings lead to god, god is self...

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