Ryan and I created this site to hopefully aid in the efforts of reforming worship in the church, particularly the Contemporary Church. Our call is for worshipers to "take up your oar" and help row the ship of worship as Christ steers it where He wants it to go. My friend, Barton Damer, has a similar mission. His blog could be called "Reform worship media," but he is way more creative than I am. His site, alreadybeenchewed.net, is a call to reform church media, for church leaders to stop serving food (graphic, video, and other forms of media) that has "already been chewed." Instead, Bart cooks up some fresh and scrumptions resources, the main ingrediant of which is God's limitless imagination. He is a culture cooker in finest form.

Bart's oven is set high. (Okay, enough with the food metaphor.) Chances are many of you have seen his work in one form or another. He is esteemed in both secular and Christian circles for his premium graphic and video skills, employing his art for several well known companies, tutorials for big name video sites, and, as it pertains especially to us, articles and resources for church worship through Igniter Media and Collide Magazine. I have found great use in many of their videos and backgrounds for worship gatherings. I subscribe to Collide and religiously read Bart's entries at alreadybeenchewed.net. Check out all three of these sites. They are a nice break from our normal worship theology conversations. Not to mention, you may find some Christ-centered, excellent media to help you put some of our crazy worship ideas into practice. Ryan just told me they will be using Igniter's "Retooning the Nativity" video for their Christmas Eve service.

As for the other video Ryan mentioned, I was having lunch with Bart one day and by chance was asked to be part of Igniter Media Group's Christmas video “All Ye Faithful.” I think it's a creative way to call people to worship in a Christmas season gathering. Had I known I was going to be a part of the video, I probably would have shaved and purchased a green or red polo shirt...but the halo is their fault.

All Ye Faithful from Igniter Media on Vimeo.

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