UPDATE: Here is the album version of i will sing that will be on the upcoming record titled "The Telling" coming spring 2012. Follow on Twitter or Facebook for release info!

Note: This is the recording of the first time "I Will Sing" was played in a live setting back in 2007. A few lyric tweaks have been made since that day, but you'll get the point.

I Will Sing
(c) 2007 Sean Carter

Lord, let my heart speak
Don’t just let my lips sing
Let the love shown through the cross
Bring a sound that’s glorious
Lord, let my mind think
Don’t just let my lips sing
Let the truth You’ve given us
Bring a sound that’s glorious
I will sing, I will sing

(verse 1)
Sing of the truth of Your infinite Word
That spoke to both wanderers and thieves
From a burning bush
And to those upon the hill
And by Spirit revealed to me

(verse 2)
Sing of the love of Your incarnate Word
That changed the hearts of prodigals and kings
How the Savior of the world
Died with two men on the hill
And gave eternal life to me

I will sing of how You saved me
I will sing of Your precious blood
I will sing of the truth You gave me
I will sing of the risen Son

Click here to download the chord chart.

Song Story

A couple years ago I attended an evening of worship with Charlie Hall. During the event Charlie shared how sometimes while he is singing his heart is disengaged. As a worship leader I know exactly what he means. Most, if not all, of us have been there. So Charlie had the words put up on the screen and asked everyone to stand in silence while the band played the song. Instead of singing the words with our mouths he asked that we sing them with our hearts.

This was a unique moment in worship, because although no one was singing you could sense that the hearts of the worshipers were engaged and their minds were thinking deeply about the words. As we stood there with our mouths shut, this prayer came into my mind: "Lord, let my heart speak, don't just let me lips sing. Let my mind think, don't just let my lips sing." I got out my cell phone and texted the phrase to myself so I'd remember. When Charlie led everyone to join in with our voices, there was a true sense of heartfelt worship.

Also around that time, I had been reading Desiring God and was impacted by a part of the book about worshiping in spirit and in truth. That quote was one of my first contributions to Reformworship.com, "Piper on Emotion and Truth."

As I sat down to work on the song I decided first to write a prayer, "God let this be a time of worship where my heart is responding to your grace (worshiping in spirit), an where my mind is responding to the the truth of your word (worshiping in truth), and that the songs we sing would not be "lip service" but a complete engagement of heart, mind, and voice."


This song is usually used as the first song in a set, or a call to worship. I usually follow it up with a prayer that what we are about to do is respond to God's truth and love in song, engaging our hearts and minds.

To bring clarity to the verses, I should note that verse 1 refers to the story of how God is always speaking to His people: in the Old Testament to the children of Israel in all of their sin and wanderings, to Moses in the burning bush, and in the New Testament to the thief on the cross and to multitudes of men, women and children who witnessed Christ's death. Verse 2 is a reference to how the love of the Father calls out to prodigals, and how God, throughout history, has changed the hearts of kings, as well, and how he continues to speak His incarnate Word to us all through the cross and by his Spirit.

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