As I have been mulling over these important things, I feel I should make a clarification. I have labeled the four types of people in our churches (in relation to charisma): 1) Uninformed Non-charismatics, 2) Counterfeit Charismatics, 3) Informed Non-charismatics, and 4) Genuine Charismatics. Before we go any further describing these groups, I'd like to change a term. "Informed" is much to weak of a word. It implies a simple data transaction. We are dealing here with the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. The Gospel is not merely informational, but rather it is relational, powerful, sharp enough to cut the heart and regenerate a dead soul. To say one has been informed with the Gospel means little. Even the demons believe.

And although it doesn't change the actual groups of people we are talking about (labels are stupid), I think for our purposes it is more accurate to use the adjective "Regenerate." So from this point forward I am going to refer to the two non-charismatic groups as Unregenerate Non-charismatics and Regenerate Non-charismatics, where the former has not (yet) been made alive by the Spirit to hear the Gospel (although they may have been informed), and the latter has been made alive by the Spirit (although they do not manifest it). Everything already written about these groups still applies. They just have different names now.

Also, I should reiterate that when I use the term "charismatic" I am simply referring to the physical/emotional expressiveness of church people in worship, and particularly how our bodies are affected by what enters our souls. I am redefining "charismatic" because the word has been misused and abused and causes some church people to exclude others. We'll leave the issues of tongues, prophecy, etc., for another day.

I must say, I have been stretched tremendously thinking deeply about these things. This is not an easy subject to talk about. It has been good, though, at least for me. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as the series continues.

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