I mentioned in the introduction to this series that we would be taking a look at two kinds of unregenerate churchgoers in this post: Uninformed Non-charismatics and Counterfeit Charismatics. However, after composing the first half of this post, I think it will be better to write one post for each of the four camps. So here I will deal with Uninformed Non-charismatics, and Counterfeit Charismatics next.

Let me say first that it is not my heart to poke fun at or set myself above these people in any way; that goes for all four camps, each of which I have at one point in my spiritual journey been a part. We have all, I think, at one time been a part of this camp, the Uninformed Non-charismatics. I write about this because it is important for us to be aware of the kinds of people we are leading in our churches. We are attempting to better understand their thoughts, intentions, and actions, so that ultimately we can minister the Gospel with them more effectively. It is our aim to be Spirit filled and led in our understanding and practices and lives of worship, and as it pertains to this, in our physical/emotional affections in church worship.

Uninformed Non-charismatics

Not everyone who attends church has received the grace of Jesus Christ. You can tell by looking at them, right? Of course not, but it's important for us to know they're there. Continuing with the "clothes" metaphor from the first post, Uninformed Non-charismatics are clothed in the sin that leads to death. They are like mummies, wrapped up corpses. They have not been set free in Christ Jesus by the law of the Spirit of life, but rather they are bound by the law of sin and death. The only things they see and hear and that make sense to them are worldly things. And although they are immobile at church, they can be very charismatic people in communities outside of the church, such as their families, their work, and their loyalty to the local sports team.

Uninformed Non-charismatics are uninformed in that they do not know the truth. They have never received the grace of the Gospel, the Spirit of Christ, into their souls. They have not (yet) awakened to receive and believe the Good News. It may be that the church they are attending does not preach the Gospel; the Gospel might not be the foundation of all their church says and does during Sunday worship. Their church might instead preach an inferior, contrary gospel, such as the prosperity gospel or the self-help message. On the other hand, they might attend a church that faithfully proclaims the Gospel in Word and Sacrament, but their hearts have simply not heard the message. If they haven't received it, they cannot respond to it.

If we are faithfully re-enacting the Gospel, if the Good News of Jesus Christ truly is the Cornerstone of our church, we should not be discouraged by the Uninformed Non-charismatics in our midst. Rather, we should be encouraged that God would bring these needy people to a place that is serious about the Gospel. These unsaved, unregenerate, lost people, are the ones that Jesus loves to spend time with and forgive. It is only a matter of relationship, time, and sensitive teaching of the truth before they believe and begin to worship God. If the church, however, is not preaching the Gospel, there is very little hope for uninformed people to come to know the truth. If that Gospel-less church happens to be charismatic, or outwardly expressive, in their worship, it wouldn't make sense for Uninformed Non-charismatics in attendance to act similarly. They are honest people. Why should they be charismatic in church if they are not filled with grace and truth?

In short, Uninformed Non-charismatics are dead in their trespasses and sins (as we all once were), they have not yet been made alive to Christ, and hence they are not charismatic, physically/emotionally affected, while they are in church.

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