Regenerate Non-charismatics

It is theologically inconsistent for a regenerate person to be non-charismatic. Therefore, I am a walking contradiction. Yes, I would unfortunately have to put myself in this category (at least one foot). Regenerate Non-charismatics are covered in layers of clothes that keep the Gospel from getting out. We are like Ralphy's little brother in A Christmas Story who is so tightly bound by his snowsuit that he cannot move. Regenerate Non-charismatics wear spiritual snowsuits of skepticism, dignity, formality, comparison, etc., that keep us from living the Gospel and truly worshiping God. Some of us have only ever known emotional and physical inactivity in our church lives, because we grew up in non-charismatic settings. Others of us have reacted against our charismatic backgrounds and have put on layers of bitterness and unforgiveness. We all bring our ideas of what is "acceptable" activity into the church.

To reiterate, in my attempts to redefine "charismatic" I am working off of the assumption that what gets into our souls affects our bodies, because there is a miraculous unity between the two that make us one whole being and not two separate persons. Regenerate Non-charismatics epitomize the improper dichotomy of body and soul. But in reality, whether we believe it or not, we are still whole persons, and what should affect us emotionally and physically, we often suppress with fear and doubt and all kinds of sin.

For whatever reason, non-charismatic churches tend to be of the more biblically faithful sort, at least in terms of preaching sound doctrine. Perhaps our mental ascensions lift us right out of our bodies up into what we deem the spiritual realm, where worship can be purely offered. This is an unfortunate thing, separating spiritual knowledge from our bodies, essentially denouncing our bodies as unimportant and hindering to our relationship with God. I don't get it; the preached Gospel is ever present in so many of these churches, and yet the people remain physically dead, not only in church, but in their entire lives of worship. Is not the Gospel the most powerful message in all the world? How could we sit unaffected? Well, it's our clothes of sin. It must be. Christ is present, and He is the constant. We are the variables who refuse to be filled with the Spirit. Could it be that Paul's exhortation in Ephesians 5 is something we can determine in our hearts to do: "Be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord"? I mean, if we are regenerates, then we already have the Spirit. Are we still waiting for the Spirit to come, and then we'll have a revival?

There is nothing worse for a worship leader than to respond to the Gospel by passionately pouring out your heart before the Lord in song among a group of seemingly unaffected people. Not that the Lord isn't doing something in their hearts, and not that we measure our effectiveness based on their physical expressiveness, but it just stings. It's like unsuccessfully karate-chopping a piece of wood.

We are so consumed with all of the other things we worship in our lives that the Gospel becomes powerless to us. We must stir up our souls. We must wake up as the Church and act upon the most powerful event in the world. It's natural enough for us to let it all hang out when we're with our buddies watching a football game. How much more should we become undignified in the presence of God, not merely sitting on a couch spectating an entertaining event, but actively participating by playing our role in the greatest event the world has ever known: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Our worship reflects what we believe. Do we really believe in Jesus?

In sum, Regenerate Non-charismatics don't make sense. It is illogical for an alive person not to be filled with grace and life. We are covered in worldly clothes that keep us from unabashedly responding to the Gospel. We must wake up and live the grace-filled Gospel life.

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