[Update: Make sure you read "An Apology to Lead Pastors" immediately after reading this post.]

1. Break out of the mold. Most evangelical churches are stuck in the Contemporary Church worship mold, which is for the most part culture-formed, individualistic, disconnected from history, spiritually ineffective, and overall, I cringe to say, unbiblical. Your worship pastor prophetically sees this. They want to steer the worship ship in a different direction toward a gospel-formed, communal, historically connected, Spiritually affective, BIBLICAL church. And the number one person who holds them back is YOU, not the congregants, not the old timers.

2. Empower your worship pastor. Acknowledge first that they are called and gifted by God to do what you cannot do. If it is true that God calls and gifts each member of the body to a specific role and function, trust that your worship pastor is hearing from God the direction to take your church in worship. Trust them. Yes, reins are necessary, but that's how the body should work anyway. We should all be recognizing each others calling, submitting to one another, and moving forward as a united team. If all you want out of you worship pastor is awesome music, change their title to "Rock Star" and assume for yourself a greater level of study and responsibility in the worship life of your church.

3. Listen to your worship pastor. You don't read the same books they do. You are focusing on other things (sermon prep, polity, etc.). Let them lead worship, not just songs. Trust me, you don't see all that they see when it comes to worship. Let them enlighten you. Let them out of the cage. If they have been hearing from God, they will lead your local church into a greater expression of worship. There is a Spirit-led movement among worship pastors today, especially the younger generation. They are just not interested in anything showy, produced, contrived, manipulative, or programmed. They long to find their place in God's story. They long for true communion with one another. They long for a deeper connection with history. They long to bring the mercy of God outside the walls of the church. And most of all they long for the gospel of Jesus Christ to shape all that is done in worship.

I strongly encourage you lead pastors, "production" pastors, and others to humble yourself before God and your worship pastor with an open mind and willing heart. Read a book together. I recommend Christ-Centered Worship by Brian Chapell and Ancient-Future Worship by Robert Webber. Wrestle through some things together. That would mean the world to them and work wonders in the worship life of your church.

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