A great big hat tip to Dan Wilt for posting these videos. A few excerpts follow each video. Enjoy and Implement!

The speech-act, or the acted speech, of the Sacraments actually prepares for the tasks of the church in the world. ...The Eucharist energizes the church for mission.

The powers that rule the world are still powerful and need to be reminded of their defeat by Christ on the cross. And it is only as we are energized as baptized people and equipped as eucharistic people that we are able then to go calmly and confidently into the arena of the struggle, whatever it may be, to campaign for justice in the world.

The Sacraments not only do not displace the Word, but the higher a sacramental theology you have the more you have caused/need a high theology of the Word to balance it, to flesh it out. Because the precise point of the Sacraments is that these are the moments when the story comes to life.

With Jesus as King, the justice and peace, which the empires of this world parody, will finally attain reality. Our task in the present is to implement the achievement of Jesus and thereby anticipate that final coming together. How are we going to do that? We're going to have to do it through politics, but we've also got to do it through the world of the arts. ...We have lived for too long with the arts as the pretty bit around the edge, with the reality as the non-artistic thing in the middle. But the world is charged with the grandeur of God! Why should we not celebrate and rejoice in that?

Genuine art takes seriously the fact that the world is full of the glory of God, and that it will be full "as the waters cover the sea," and at present (Rom. 8) it is groaning in travail. ...Genuine art responds to that triple awareness...and holds them together as the Psalms do, and asks why and what and where are we. You can do that in music and you can do that in painting, and our generation needs us to do that not simply to decorate the gospel but to announce the gospel.

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