The Fifth Station
Jesus Is Condemned by Pilate

Take 1 or 2 minutes to silently reflect upon the image above.

Slowly read aloud this passage of Scripture:

Then Pilate called together the leading priests and other religious leaders, along with the people, and he announced his verdict. “You brought this man to me, accusing him of leading a revolt. I have examined him thoroughly on this point in your presence and find him innocent. Herod came to the same conclusion and sent him back to us. Nothing this man has done calls for the death penalty. ...But the mob shouted louder and louder, demanding that Jesus be crucified, and their voices prevailed. So Pilate sentenced Jesus to die as they demanded. (Luke 23:13-15, 23-24 NLT)

Kneel or simply open your hands and pray:

Jesus, Pilate perceives your innocence, but the crowd insists on guilt. Hearing their persistent shouts, Pilate sets aside the judgment of his conscience, and the decision is made. He hands you over to be crucified.

O Jesus, how often do we let the threatening voice of the crowd overwhelm the voice of conscience? Fill us with compassion for the outcast and commitment to the truth. We love you, Jesus; lead us beyond the crowd.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

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